• Choose from a wide variety of internationally-acclaimed furniture and accessories.
  • Create a space that enhances your social interactions.
  • Immerse your senses in a world of creativity by being your own interior designer.

Create and bring home the warm Natura experience and make it your new lifestyle.


Each design idea is conceived with sophistication and functionality in mind, staying true to our design philosophy: Elegance in Simplicity.


The Natura Heritage

Years of collaboration with Japanese designers developed our eye for detail and taught us the importance of a thorough methodical process and efficiency in furniture design.

Asian Modern

Highlighting the allure of clean lines and 

organic shapes.

Transitional Modern

A marriage between traditional and modern design that invokes warmth and nostalgia. 

Incorporating the beauty of Asian culture into modern furniture design.  


Natura Interior Design Themes

about NATURA

Natura is a local subsidiary of Cebu Natura Crafts Philippines Inc. Established in 1996, Cebu Natura exports handcrafted furniture worldwide, catering to high-end companies. The company takes pride in its eye for detail, proportion and innovation.